University of Leeds UK Inclusive Public Spaces Project

In collaboration with the University of Leeds, BBI staff are investigating the social justice problems caused by city streets which exclude some people, particularly older and disabled people, who do not conform to ableist assumptions about the physical and cognitive capabilities of pedestrians.

The Project aims to deepen understanding of what features of streets (including interaction with vehicles) are experienced as exclusionary and by whom; how effectively different types of law are operating to give redress and shape inclusive environments; the political profile of the problem and the responsiveness of politicians to it; and how shared concern about these social justice problems can be increased. An online survey will gather data on the experiences of street-exclusion – and the effectiveness of law and politics in challenging and reducing street-exclusion – from pedestrians anywhere in the world. The empirical work focuses on two cities in each of the five project countries – India, Kenya, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA