Project ETHICS


Investigator with magnifying glass

Project ETHICS is a research study. detective
We want to learn what people think about research with adults with an intellectual disability. We hope to learn things that will help improve people’s lives down the road.

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Katherine (Katie) McDonald, PhD, at Syracuse University is in charge of this study.

Robert Olick, PhD, at SUNY Upstate Medical University, is the Co-Investigator and Nicole Conroy, now at the University of Vermont, is the Project Manager of this study.

Members of the Project ETHICS Expert Panel include: Anna Carroll, Marty Cuddy, Micah Fialka-Feldman, Daniel Flanigan, Patricia Fratangelo, Lance Gonzalez, Michael Kennedy, Kathleen King, Christopher Mansfield, Deborah McGowan, Rachel Romer, Margaret Turk, Shquria Velez, Pamela Walker, and Priscilla Worral.

We are also grateful for the contributions of Colleen Gibbons, Carolyn Kim, Emily LoBraico, Ellis Prather, Lyndsey Creed, Nicole Schwartz, Michael Sperling, The Self-Advocacy Association of New York State – Central Region, and the Madison Motivators.

This project was funded by a grant from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) under Award Number R21HD075078 (PI Katherine McDonald).