Madison County Emergency Communications Governance and SOP study


The Burton Blatt Institute (BBI) of Syracuse University recently completed an emergency communications governance and exercise project with Madison County through a New York State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services – Statewide Interoperable Communications Grant (SICG). This was a comprehensive study involving review and formalization of their emergency communications department governance processes and activity to insure they were consistent with Federal and State communications requirements, ADA provisions, and included whole community engagement. It was the first such study completed in NYS under the SICG program. BBI assisted Madison County in the review, training, formalization and demonstration of their policies and practices through training and exercises.


This project was conducted in concert with Madison County officials and private entities, to compliment the current Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, as well as other emergency plans and protocols used by governing bodies such as, law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services.

The project goals for Madison County included; foster growth of the Madison County regional partnerships, enhance major crisis mitigation capability through the addition of radio channels, improve system compatibility, add console to console communication, add AVL-MDT for officer safety and improved response, broadening CNYICC resource sharing and cooperative planning, improve critical infrastructure protection, review and formalize governance structures, and implement standard operating procedures (SOPs) to promote interregional communications, interoperability and collaboration; in accordance with SAFECOM, the National Emergency Communication Plan (NECP), and the NYS Statewide Interoperable Communications Plan (SCIP).

Madison County met, and in some areas surpassed, the goals and objectives proposed in the project.

BBI works locally, nationally and internationally to address policy change in emergency preparedness to provide for greater inclusiveness and engagement with the public. For example, BBI partnered with Israel’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Services providing public policy guidance to expand the civic, economic and social participation of Israelis and Americans with disabilities in the area of emergency preparedness.

BBI partners across disciplines at Syracuse University and other educational institutions as well as with public and private agencies.

BBI offices are in Syracuse, Washington and Atlanta.


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