Project ENABLE


Project ENABLE, a collaborative endeavor of Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies Center for Digital Literacy and the Burton Blatt Institute, provides a high quality, comprehensive, train-the-trainer, continuing education program for school librarians and educators in New York State, to provide effective library and information services for students with disabilities. The project is funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

Project ENABLE was created in response to the findings of an IMLS-funded research study conducted from 2006-2009 by a team of researchers at SU’s Center for Digital Literacy. The study investigated the impact of a variety of library and information services on student learning and motivation in schools in New York State.

Consistently across all three phases of the research, school librarians rated their services to students with disabilities lowest on all surveys and no librarian reported providing separate instruction to students with individualized education programs.


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For more information:
Project ENABLE: Expanding Nondiscriminatory Access to Librarians Everywhere


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