International Programs

BBI’s international program focuses on:  (1) Empowering disability advocates and their representative organizations to facilitate full and equal access to justice; (2) building and strengthening institutions to advance and empower persons with disabilities; and (3)  innovating in disability inclusive development and supporting human rights and disability law and policy reform consistent with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

BBI works in the following ways to advance human rights and disability inclusive development:

Empowering advocates

  • Develop civil society capacity for disability law, policy, & development programming;
  • Create a network of highly skilled disability rights advocates trained in the methodology of participatory human rights education and disability rights documentation and reporting;
  • Deliver trainings and resources in uniquely accessible formats, including (1) tactile ballot guides for blind voters; (2)  accessible websites for screen readers; and (3) election and human rights materials in pictorial and easy-to-read formats for persons with intellectual disabilities or low levels of literacy;
  • Working with universities throughout the world to train the next generation of disability law and policy advocates.

Building and strengthening institutions

  • Provide technical assistance on disability rights to support constitutional assemblies, parliamentary human rights committees, national human rights commissions, election commissions and DPOs.

Innovating in inclusive development

  • Support USAID and other donors and implementers in advancing disability inclusive development through research, training, and implementation of innovative inclusive development projects;
  • Partner with rule of law, election assistance, civil society strengthening, public health & HIV/AIDS and education implementers to advance inclusive development;

Supporting law and policy reform

  • Facilitate disability rights trainings for DPOs, parliamentarians, ministries, and legal advocates.