Janet Lord is partnering with Bilgi University’s Human Rights Law Research Center

March 9, 2015

Janet Lord is partnering with Bilgi University’s Human Rights Law Research Center for Symposium on Turkish Law and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  The symposium, to take place in conjunction with the International Day of person with Disabilities and Human Rights Day, will be held in Istanbul in December 2015. Lord, BBI’s director of human rights and inclusive development, explains:  “This is really a major step forward in terms of focusing attention on the need for domestic law reform in Turkey to implement the CRPD.  The engagement of universities in this effort is essential and enlisting the support of a human rights center, together with DPOs, at Bilgi is an excellent strategy to advance disability rights as a vital human rights issue in Turkey.  I am pleased to be a part of this important initiative, along with my colleagues at the Harvard Law School Project on Disability.”

The BBI collaboration also involves the Harvard Law School Project on Disability and internationally recognized scholar, Professor Michael Stein, a longtime collaborator of BBI’s Chairman, Professor Peter Blanck.

More information on the Centre at Bilgi.

For more information on the Harvard Law School Project on Disability see, www.hpod.org.