BBI Expands its Reach to Advance Disability Rights Law and Policy Reform

May 7, 2015

BBI is currently supporting implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and DPO capacity building in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In March, BBI supported efforts to build DPO capacity to monitoring and report on disability rights at the third in a series of Istanbul Disability Rights Workshops. Last week, BBI’s Janet Lord was in Benin, West Africa, supporting efforts to advance CRPD implementation in a country that has ratified both the CRPD and its Optional Protocol, but has an underdeveloped disability rights legal framework. In May, BBI supported the work of its partner, the United States International Council on Disability, in a week long CRPD monitoring workshop in Myanmar (Burma) in a project sponsored by USAID.

Janet Lord holding infant in Benin