On Being a Vicarious Witness: Aktion T4 and Contesting the Erasure of Disability History – Resource Guide

Poster for "On Being A Vicarous Witness" event
Poster for “On Being A Vicarious Witness” event (PDF format)

Content Warning: Due to the nature of this content and subject matter, discretion is strongly advised.

On October 18, 2021, three queer Jewish disabled writers and artists discussed their work on Aktion T4, a prime crucible of disability history. How do they avoid a sentimental or aesthetic depiction? In their work, and as they work, how do they avoid re-inscribing trauma? Because Aktion T4 has no survivors, how do writers and artists become “vicarious witnesses,” which memory studies scholar Susanne C. Knittel describes as not “an act of speaking for and thus appropriating the memory and story of someone else but rather an attempt to bridge the silence through narrative means”?

Updated 11-23-2021