Interview with Professor David McClelland

Master’s Series on Field Research
Interview with Professor David McClelland
Professor, Harvard University


Peter Blanck interviews Dave McClelland about his work as a field researcher. Through his work involving the “need to achieve”McClelland gained many insights into when and why field research is important, how field research gets funded, interviewing techniques, and the need for an interviewer to have a knowledge of local situations in the research area. McClelland discusses his work helping to train Naval personal on race relations, the differences between field researchers and anthropologists, and his involvement in trying to help individuals with Type A Behavior personalities. McClelland goes on to explain why a field researcher must think outside the client’s question and the political and ethical problems he has faced. The interview concludes with McClelland talking about the skills needed for good field research, where he sees himself in the future, and what he finds most satisfying about his work.

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