AT Village

Durable Medical Equipment (Covered by Insurance)

Local Durable Medical Equipment Vendors
Local Orthotics and Prosthetics Providers

Equipment that is used in the school and at home (ask school PT to do assessment and letter)

  1. Manual wheelchair
  2. Power wheelchair
  3. Adaptive stroller
  4. Stander
  5. Gait trainer systems
  6. Walker (coming soon)
  7. Car seat
  8. AAC Communication Device (coming soon)
  9. Stationary seating systems
  10. Wheelchair accessories

Equipment for use in the home only (ask for PT referral to Upstate or Nascientia)

  1. Sleep Safe Beds and Enclosed Beds
  2. Bath chair
  3. Activity chair (coming soon)
  4. Toilet Chair
  5. Hoyer lift (coming soon)

Home modifications/Environmental Modifications (Covered by New York State) (coming soon)

DIY Design Solutions (coming soon)

Community Mobility and Transportation (coming soon)

Equipment for Sports, Recreation and Dance (coming soon)