Michal Soffer

Michal SofferSenior Fellow, PhD, M.S.W

Michal Soffer is the head of the Master’s specialization track in social work with people with disabilities at the School of Social Work. She received a Bachelor of Social Work, a Master of Social Work and a Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Soffer completed her post-doctoral fellowship at the Burton Blatt Institute, College of Law, Syracuse University. She received an Alon scholarship for outstanding young faculty by the Israeli Council for Higher Education.

Soffer has written articles on illness and disability-related stigma, disability-related policy,  and the social construction of illness, disability, and deviant phenomenon. She has co-authored a book on women prisoners in Israel and received grants to support her work.

Soffer was appointed Chair of the committee for expertise in Social Work with People with Disabilities by the Israeli Government (Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services).