BBI at Syracuse College of Law Named Exemplar Disability Rights Program by US News

“Advice for Law School Applicants with Disabilities” US News contributor Gabriel Kuris provides some tips to successfully navigate the admissions process and the law school experience. While applying to and attending law school are difficult for anyone, people with disabilities often face extra hurdles on the path to practicing law. According to Peter Blanck, university professor of Syracuse University in New York and chairman of the school’s Burton Blatt Institute – a global advocacy organization for people with disabilities, “Applying to law school requires strong self-advocacy and patience that puts a unique burden on students with disabilities.” Some law schools have specific centers or programs focused on disability rights or advocacy. According to the article, two of the most prominent are the Burton Blatt Institute and the Coelho Center for Disability Law, Policy and Innovation at Loyola Law School in California.

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Gabriel Kuris, founder of Top Law Coach, has written the Law School Admissions Lowdown blog for U.S. News since 2020. Beginning in 2003, he advised law school applicants with PowerScore and jdMission while working as a lawyer and legal scholar for Columbia Law School, Princeton University, the World Bank and the American Bar Association.