BBI Chairman Peter Blanck Comments in New York Times on Scalia nomination to be Trump Labor Secretary

July 19, 2019

Peter Blanck, chairman of the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University, was quoted about class action suits and the Americans with Disabilities Act in the NY Times July 19, 2019 article “Trump’s Labor Pick Has Defended Corporations, and One Killer Whale Voters.”

: "Peter Blanck, a professor at Syracuse University who has written extensively about the disabilities law, said that class action suits are often critical to allowing individuals to realize their rights under the law. Absent the class certification, the plaintiffs agreed to a settlement with the company."

In these and other lawsuits involving his clients, Mr. Scalia has “consistently sought to narrow A.D.A. protections on a variety of issues, including the definition of disability and class certification” Douglas Kruse and Lisa Schur, two experts on the employment of people with disabilities at Rutgers University, said in an email.