BBI Chairman Peter Blanck quoted in ABA Journal Regarding Disability Diversity in Law Firms

October 25, 2018

Are law firms committed to disability diversity? A handful of firms have taken action

by Angela Morris

Source: ABA Journal 

BBI Chairman Peter Blanck has been quoted in a recent article in the American Bar Associaion (ABA) Journal regarding disability diversity in law firms. Peter BlanckSociety has placed a stigma on disability, an obstacle that stops many disabled attorneys from telling their firms, says Peter Blanck, a Syracuse University College of Law professor and chairman of the university’s Burton Blatt Institute, which works to better the lives of people with disabilities. He says lawyers with mental health disabilities—who often don’t even recognize their condition as a disability—face the biggest stigma, while there’s less stigma attached to physical disabilities like blindness, hearing loss and mobility.

“There’s always an unfortunate link made between competency and mental or physical perceived abilities of others,” he notes.

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About Burton Blatt Institute (BBI)

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