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Research Snapshots

Burton Blatt at a glance

Who was Burton Blatt?

Burton Blatt (1927-1985) was a pioneer in humanizing services for people with developmental disabilities READ MORE: Who was Burton Blatt?

The BBI Story

Video: The BBI Story (captioned, opens in YouTube)The BBI Story (video)

Advancing the civic, economic, and social participation of people with disabilities
READ MORE: The BBI Story (video)

Innovation Areas

Innovative Solutions to the Challenges Facing People with Disabilities

Community Participation

With access to inclusive education, accessible programs, services and technology, and civil rights protections, people with disabilities are able to live in and be part of communities of their choice. View more Communication Hope through Assistive Technology (CHAT) related videos. READ MORE: Community Participation

Economic Participation

With access to meaningful work that pays a living wage, people with disabilities are able to afford to live in safe communities, enjoy good health, and become economically empowered and self-sufficient. READ MORE: Economic Participation

Get To Know

Robert Balk, BBI Board Member

Robert Balk is the Chairperson of the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) Athletes’ Council. He is a six time Paralympian having earned six Paralympic medals competing in both winter and summer games. READ MORE: Robert Balk

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