RTW  Mentoring Series “Protecting Productivity Employer to Employer”

The  BBI RTW  Mentoring Series is a unique knowledge transfer and skill development series for employers.  The series focuses on 1. Providing new information on protecting productivity  for human resource, benefit managers along with key operations personnel.  The Mentoring program offers employers specific “how to”  strategies that bring an employee back to work in a safe and timely manner.

The employer to employer format connects those  who have been successful in managing lost time with those employers who interested in gaining this experience or skills to develop such programs for those employees who may be impaired by an injury, illness or chronic disease.

Target Employers

The RTW Mentoring Program is directed to the small to medium size employer, i.e. with a work force of less than 1,500 EE’s.  Special industry programs can be offered, e.g. for employers in the transportation,  manufacturing, long term nursing care, retail, industries.   Each session is designed for 50 participants.


The Mentoring Series is web based offering selected topics and a set of accompanying “how to” skills .  The web presentations are  divided into two 45 minute segments.  The first segment  presents the key principles and practices related to  the topic.  The second segment presents the “how to apply” features of the topic. For example, how to bring a person back to work following a medical leave for low back pain.

Each session has a moderator, one subject matter expert with one or two  employers sharing their experience in the area being presented.

A series of three, one hour internet follow-up small group sessions (10 participants) are offered on a bi-weekly basis to provide ongoing program development support to the participating employer. Individual consultation is available if necessary

A dedicated RTW Resource web site is available to all mentoring participants to use in the development and evaluation  of their  return to work policies and practices.