BBI’s Jonathan Martinis featured in Times, Washington Post, PBS, and BPR “How Britney Spears’ Case Could Change the Future of Conservatorship”

“Every time we shine a little bit of light, things get easier for everyone after that. Britney’s not just shining a light, she’s a huge spotlight,” says Martinis. “So maybe just maybe the conversation changes a little bit and the culture changes a little bit. And we say before guardianship, what else can we do?” “It’s a cultural failure,” says Jonathan Martinis, senior director for law and policy at Syracuse University’s Burton Blatt Institute and a leading expert on alternatives to conservatorship.

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 #FreeBritney Today a national group of Disability Justice and Supported Decision-Making Advocates, including the National Resource Center for Supported Decision-Making, released a statement on Britney Spears. Britney Spears’ testimony about her experience under conservatorship shined a spotlight on the problems of guardianship systems and their damaging impact on people’s lives. Ms. Spears is not alone in her experience.  We have fought for years for less-restrictive options that allow people to maintain their rights, dignity, and independence.

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