Employees with Disabilities: Recruitment, Hiring and Training

Employees with Disabilities: Recruitment, Hiring and Training

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“Employees with Disabilities: Recruitment, Hiring and Training” is the second of two webinars introducing the Demand Side Employer Project Toolkit and Resources. The first part of the series is “Introducing the Employer Demand Toolkit: Inclusive Culture and the Workplace” .


This webinar explores innovative strategies to successfully recruit, hire and train people with disabilities. An Inclusive Culture values all employees’ individual differences and needs.  Likewise, the key to generating qualified, productive and loyal employees with disabilities requires the commitment to making all aspects of the employment process open, flexible and accessible.

Effective recruitment of people with disabilities involves two components: a) accessible outreach and hiring practices, and b) targeted recruitment of workers with disabilities.  An organization expresses a solid commitment to making employees with disabilities an integral part of the workforce when clear, transparent and written Workplace Accommodations and Accessibility policies and procedures are in place.

Effective training of people with disabilities revolves around the degree to which people have accessible training sites, events and materials.   Additionally, the training of managers, particularly middle management  and human resources staff, to work effectively with all people, including those with disabilities, is crucial to creating a workplace where all employees can thrive.

The discussion will focus on the following strategies:  1) Planning a Targeted Recruitment Strategy, 2) Working with Vocational Services, 3) Ensuring Accessibility in Training and Workforce Development and 4) Disability-Specific & Integrated Diversity Training.  Panelists will welcome questions from webinar attendees during the presentation.


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U.S Department of Education, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), Grant No. H133A060033.