BBI honors graduating research assistants and interns

May 11,2015

The Burton Blatt Institute (BBI) at Syracuse University congratulates seventeen research assistants and interns who graduated in May including Intern Rebecca Drootin,  and Research Assistants Jeff Albert, Kayla Arias, Danyelle Barron, Lizzie Allers, Lucas Finley, Brett French, Trevor Hale, Breanna Hartmann, Justin Koifman, Samantha Timpone, Joshua Tumen, Fulvia Vargas, Geoff Wills, Danielle Morrison, Douglas Curwin, and Nathan Pearson.

During a luncheon on April 28, the students were recognized for their contributions. SU law, graduate, and undergraduate students have been tremendous additions to BBI. More than 150 have made meaningful contributions to BBI, and have gained invaluable experience along the way.

Peter, Becky and Darlene   

Left to right: Peter Blanck, Becky Drootin, Darlene Carelli

Graduating student receive certificate of recognition

Graduating students receive certificate of recognition from their supervisor, Kelly Bunch

Kelly Bunch and Danyelle Barron

Left to right: Kelly Bunch, Danyelle Barron

Lucas Finley and Kelly Bunch

From left to right: Lucas Finley, Kelly Bunch

Kelly Bunch, Trevor Hale, Katelynn Hall, Fulvia Vargas

Left to right: Kelly Bunch, Trevor Hale, Katelynn Hall, Fulvia Vargas


Jeffrey Albert, B.A. Syracuse University, J.D.
Kayla Arias, B.A. Albany University 2010, J.D.
Danyelle Barron, B.S. Ithaca College, J.D.
Lizzie Allers, B.S. Syracuse University, J.D.
Lucas Finley, B.A. SUNY Cortland, J.D.
Brett French, B.A. Stonehill College, J.D.
Trevor Hale, B.A. Tiffen University, J.D.
Breanna Hartmann, B.S. University of Nevada Las Vegas, J.D.
Justin Koifman, B.A. Queen’s University, J.D.
Samantha Timpone, B.A. University of Florida, J.D.
Joshua Tumen, B.A. University of Delaware, J.D.
Fulvia Vargas, B.A. Lehigh University, J.D.
Geoffrey Wills, B.S.B.A. Ashland University, J.D.
Danielle Morrison, B.A. Kent State University, M.A., J.D.
Douglas Curwin, B.A. Virginia Tech, J.D.
Nathan Pearson, M.A. Geogetown University, J.D.


Rebecca Drootin, B.A. Syracuse University, 2015