William N. Myhill, M.Ed., J.D.

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Director of Legal Research and Writing

Email : wmyhill@syr.edu
Phone : (315) 443-1367
Fax : (315) 443-9725

Mr. Myhill has over 20 years of professional experience in law and education, collaborating with and providing services for diverse individuals with disabilities and cultural/linguistic differences, through extensive research, teaching, and advocacy in the United States and abroad. He has a lifetime of personal experience with family disability. Formerly, William served as special education teacher, facilitating, implementing and assessing individualized education programs for children with diverse special needs, and was a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Papua New Guinea.

As Director of Legal Research and Writing at BBI, William oversees the disability law and policy research initiatives of the Institute, collaborates on multiple federal and state research and demonstration grants, and is Project Director for the five-year "Demand-side Employment Placement Models" project (National Institute for Disability & Rehabilitation Research, U.S. Department of Education). This project utilizes scientifically rigorous and evidence-based methods to develop, identify, and evaluate employment demand-side models, programs and services that enhance employment opportunities for qualified persons with disabilities.

William's research interests include legal and policy developments affecting children with disabilities and persons aging with or into disability, youth-to-work transition, reasonable accommodations, accessible housing, stigma toward persons with invisible disabilities, assistive technology, universal design principles, and accessible electronic & information technology.

As a Faculty Associate with the Center for Digital Literacy (Syracuse University iSchool), he collaborates on many of these and related issues. William is Executive Editor of the Disability Law & Policy e-Newsletter and was Managing Editor for the Iowa Law Review. He is a board member for Onondaga Community Living, a service agency providing individualized vocational and residential support for persons with intellectual disabilities in Syracuse, NY.


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      Workplace Accommodations: Occupational Therapists as Mediator in the Interactive Process(.pdf)
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