Kathleen Battoe, B.A. History, Le Moyne College

Photo Image of Kathleen Battoe

Research Assistant

Email : kvbattoe@law.syr.edu

Kate Battoe started working at the BBI in March 2012 as a Research Assistant and became Media Contact for Communication Hope through Assistive Technology (CHAT) in July 2013. She is an extremely talented young woman with a gift for writing.  As a Research Assistant, she assists with many projects. Kate started by working on BBI’s Demand Side Employment project, which studies the employment patterns of people with disabilities and seeks to educate employers and employees in order to increase the job retention rate of employees with disabilities. After completing her work on Demand Side Employment, she assisted with research on various projects, wrote monthly articles for BBI’s newsletter, and worked extensively with Technical Assistance and Continuing Education Center (TACE), collecting, analyzing and writing reports based on data collected from training sessions.

Kate has been working on CHAT since the project started and plays many roles in it. Born with a form of cerebral palsy that affects her speech and other fine and gross motor functions, she worked with the CHAT campers and talked with their parents about her experiences using augmentative and alternative communication during CHAT’s week long day camp.  She has become an “eagle eye” for much of the CHAT Team’s writing, providing suggestions to enhance its clarity to ensure everything is easily understood. Kate is also writing for CHAT’s blog, is the editor for CHAT Impacts and is involved with many other writing tasks. Because she has knowledge of CHAT and the workings of BBI, Kate was asked to be Media Contact and will be responsible for being a liaison between CHAT and all who want to learn about CHAT and tell its story.  In the Fall, Kate will assume the role of the CHAT Book Club’s moderator, selecting books for members to read and initiating and encouraging online discussion about the books. CHAT combines two of Kate’s major interests, assistive technology and working with children, and she truly enjoys working on it.
In addition to her work on CHAT, Kate continues to work with TACE, keeping their website up to date. She also assists with managing the Disability Rights Bar Association membership and is the point person for processing new student and attorney members.

Outside of the BBI, Kate is a sought after public speaker and talks about many aspects of living with a disability. For the past three years she has been a guest speaker at Syracuse University’s graduate class Augmentation of Communication in the Inclusive Classroom, where she has explained her communication development and suggested teaching strategies to help children learn to use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Kate has also lead training sessions about working with people with disabilities, one of which was at University Hospital where she volunteers delivering specimens to the lab, paperwork to different offices and doing various other errands to help hospital operations run smoothly.

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