Elizabeth Mallaro

Elizabeth MallaroProject Coordinator,


As Project Coordinator, Beth is responsible for the day-to-day support to the Burton Blatt (BBI) Project team and multiple partners involved in the CA multi-county PADs Innovation project as well as working with the Orange County Evaluation project team. Beth serves as the fiscal liaison between BBI, subcontractors and partners, ensuring that all transactions are in compliance with SU and Sponsor Regulations.

Beth went to college to study business management/ administration, and received her degree in both. She has worked in an academic setting for many years, and loves the environment. She has a beautiful daughter, with physical and emotional disabilities, but, that does not stop her! Her daughter is Very Independent, and Resilient. They love animals, and have two dogs that they love immensely! They enjoy taking long walks with them, going to art festivals, museums, water parks, The Fair, and anything outdoors! They have a rescue dog, and help rescue shelters with donations, so that every animal that has been neglected, or abused gets a fighting chance in the world. She advocate for adults and children who have disabilities, and believes if we keep striving for new ideas, and implement them, the world will become a better place for us all.