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Disability Law and Policy Book Series
(Cambridge University Press, 2008)

Editors: Professor Peter Blanck, Professor Robin Paul Malloy

The Disability Law and Policy Book Series examines this topic in interdisciplinary and comparative terms. The books in the Series reflect the diversity of definitions, causes, and consequences of discrimination against persons with disabilities, while illuminating fundamental themes that unite countries in their pursuit of human rights laws and policies to improve the social and economic status of persons with disabilities. The Series contains historical, contemporary, and comparative scholarship crucial to identifying individual, organizational, cultural, attitudinal and legal themes necessary for the advancement of disability law and policy.

The topics in the Series also are reflective of the new moral and political commitment by countries toward equal opportunity for persons with disabilities throughout the world in such areas as employment, housing, transportation, rehabilitation, and individual human rights. The Series will thus play a significant role in informing policymakers, researchers, and citizens of issues central to disability rights and disability antidiscrimination policies. The Series grounds the future of disability law and policy as a vehicle for ensuring those living with disabilities participate as equal citizens of the world.

The other book in this series is:

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- Disability Law and Policy Book Series (2008)

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