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  • Customized Employment for Youth in Transition - Implementing a Multi-Faceted Pilot Program
    Presented by Chip Kenney - Southeast TACE Director
    National Disability Employment Conference (September 2010)



The Online Job Placement & Employment Toolkit is a web-based resource for professionals providing employment services for individuals with disabilities. The intent of the toolkit is to offer quick yet constructive solutions to the questions that professionals have about job placement and postemployment services. The toolkit contains a comprehensive catalog of contemporary topics associated with employment services. Examples of topics for job placement include: (1) building employer connections, (2) addressing disclosure issues, and (3) contemporary job seeking trends; for post-employment topics, examples include: (1) fitting into the workplace culture. (2) managing workplace politics, and (3) getting along with supervisors and coworkers. 

Designed with easy access in mind, an individual can simply peruse through the list of toolkit topics, clicking on those of interest to him/her. Within each topic are a series of brief questions and descriptions of the issue at hand. Clicking on the specific question will lead the individual to suggestions and solutions. In some instances, links may be connected to the suggestion and solutions for individuals who wish to access more in-depth information on the topic. It is the goal of the Southeast TACE Center that offering the online toolkit will complement the availability of resources to professionals in the field and accentuate their capacity to offer high quality employment services to individuals with disabilities.