Training Opportunities


Who we are:
NCHV: Created in 1990 specifically to address the needs of homeless vets through advocacy, training, TA, support, and materials development
NVTAC: Operated by the Syracuse University Institute for Veterans and Military Families and the Burton Blatt Institute to address the needs of homeless vets through on and off-site training/TA, research and materials development

What is Training and Technical Assistance?

  • Understanding grantee needs
  • Deciding on the right ways of addressing needs: On-site, off-site or both? Materials development?
  • Providing TA with follow-along
  • Reporting results

Contact NCHV if your needs are primarily:                      Contact NVTAC if your needs are primarily:

  • Post-Award New Grantee Program Orientation
  • Emergency Referrals through Toll-Free Hotline
  • Grant Application Trainings
  • Stand Down Orientation, Training and Support
  • Non-urban Programs Training and Support
  • Housing Resources
  • Policy, Program, and Grant updates
  • Legal Services
    • Working with Continuums of Care under HEARTH
    • Veterans Engagement and VA Employment Linkages
    • Employer Engagement, Partnerships, Tax Credits
    • Working with Mental Health/Substance Use Providers
    • Outreach and Individualized Service Planning
    • Job Coaching and Job Retention
    • Housing First/’Work Fast’ Best Practices
    • Financial Literacy and Asset Accumulation
    • Customized/Supported Employment/Self-Employment
    • Partnership Development: Principles and Practices

Contact Either Center for the Following Training and TA Needs
(Each center will refer to the other if needed)

  • Assessing and Responding to New Grantee Employment Training/TA Needs
  • On-site/Telephone Consultations-Developing & Improving Programs
  • Social Security Administration Ticket to Work Programs
  • Issues Serving Homeless Female Veterans
  • Incarcerated Veterans and Re-entry Programming
  • One Stop Services: DVOPS, LVERS, etc.

Contact Information

Baylee Crone
Director of Technical Assistance
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
333 1/2 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 546-1969 

Nicole LaCorte-Klein
NVTAC Technical Assistance Coordinator
700 University Ave. Suite 300
Syracuse, NY 13244
(315) 480-9153