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Guide to Leading Policies, Practices & Resources: Supporting the Employment of Veterans and Military Families

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Decription: Given employment challenges facing our nation’s veterans, the “Guide to Leading Policies, Practices & Resources: Supporting the Employment of Veterans and Military Families” is the product of a collaborative effort of the IVMF and more than 30 private sector employers and supporting organizations, plus many more, whose activities are reflected throughout the report, that agreed to share best practices, lessons learned and innovations tied to the recruitment, assimilation, retention and advancement of vets in the workforce. The guide represents a response to calls for a shared resource for American employers, both large and small, to adopt a strategic and sustainable approach to the advancement of veterans in the civilian workforce, and serves to advance employment and economic opportunities for vets and their families. The publication is one of the most comprehensive efforts to-date focused on providing actionable strategies and resources to advance the employment situation of the nation’s veterans and military families.

Annual Employment Situation of Veterans

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Decription:The IVMF releases an annual analysis in relation to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) annual reports. Data from the report comes from Current Population Survey (CPS) annual averages, as reported in month-to-month unemployment rates published by the BLS. The report also includes additional characteristics, including veterans who served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan and those with service-connected disabilities.
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Employment Situation February 2013

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Decription: The IVMF publishes The Employment Situtation Report on the first Friday of each month, and represent the month-to-month change in the employment situation of America's veterans. The reports also include an overview of noteworthy news, policy and public/private sector initiatives positioned to impact the employment situation of veterans.
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The Business Case for Hiring a Veteran: Beyond the Clichés

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Description:The IVMF has issued a brief, “The Business Case for Hiring a Veteran: Beyond the Clichés,” which draws from academic literature to suggest a robust, specific and compelling business case for hiring individuals with military background and experience. The report details the results of a comprehensive review of academic literature from the fields of business, psychology, sociology, and organizational behavior positioned to illustrate the foundational elements around which employers can formulate a research-informed logic for recruiting and developing military veterans in the civilian workforce. The business case is based on 10 research-informed propositions on the value of a veteran in a competitive business environment. Read the complete brief by clicking on the thumbnail.

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