Housing and Services for Homeless Veterans Report

Volunteers of America/Wilder Research Report - Housing and Services for Homeless Veterans, January 2012

Posted: 08/14/12

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In March 2011, Volunteers of America contracted with Wilder Research, a nonprofit research organization, to review and analyze the success of its programs to help homeless veterans rebuild their lives and find work. More than 40 programs nationwide submitted information about their client demographics, services or outcomes. The results of Wilder’s data analysis are summarized in this report.

Some key findings:

  • Volunteers of America’s programs for homeless veterans excel in providing job training to nearly all of the enrolled participants: 96% of clients received training (compared to the federal benchmark of 80%).
  • These programs outperform the 2010 national average (54% versus 45%).
  • Veterans in Volunteers of America’s job placement programs earned wages are higher than the national average: $8.62 per hour at time of employment (compared to $7.72 in the U.S. overall).
  • However, a particular challenge has been job retention: 64% of Volunteers of America program participants who became employed while in the program still had a job at 180 days. (This is slightly lower than the national average employment retention rate for HVRP participants in 2010, which is 76%).

Volunteers of America is one of the nation’s largest service providers to homeless veterans. In 2010, the organization served 7,700 veterans in over 33 cities in 19 states. The assistance provided includes service centers, housing, and employment training designed to meet the specific needs of veterans.