About Us

What We Do

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families operates a National Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Training and Technical Assistance Center (HVRP NVTAC) which strives to:

  1. Provide Direct, On-and Off-Site Training and Technical Assistance Programs including:

    • Practical Assistance to Improve Job Placements through use of evidence-based and promising practices
    • Improve outreach and engagement of Veterans who are homeless in HVRP programs by developing improved partnerships with local initiatives to end homelessness
    • Tools and Techniques for Developing Employer Partnerships
    • Practical Advice and Consultation for Helping Grantees Develop or Participate in Ticket to Work and Employment Networks
    • Training on Resource Leveraging including maximizing use of WIA and VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment resources
    • Developing Asset Accumulation and Financial Literacy Services
    • Training/TA on Current and Emerging Issues that affect employment for Veterans who are homeless.
  2. Grantee Orientation Guide and New Grantee Mentoring Service: We will develop a comprehensive Grantee Orientation Guide with information and resources for experienced and new grantees and a New Grantee Mentoring Service
  3. Provide technical assistance through a Call Center located at Syracuse University, in coordination with the Call Center operated by NCHV
  4. Develop a dynamic HVRP TA Center Website, one that is closely linked with NCHV’s website
  5. Enhance Services for Resume-matching among job-seeking Veterans who are Homeless and Employers in partnership with NCHV
  6. Jointly identify and disseminate Grantee Best Practices Report in partnership with NCHV
  7. Identify and address current and emerging issues through Research
  8. Build knowledge and competencies through Conferences