BBI Chairman Peter Blanck to Speak at International Congress on "Empowering People with Disabilities" in Madrid Spain

September 18, 2018

Peter BlanckBurton Blatt Institute (BBI) Chairman Peter Blanck will speak at the International Congress of "Empowering People with Disabilities" in Madrid, Spain, at the University of Rey Juan Carlos. The two day event takes place September 21-22, 2018, and includes international speakers from across the globe with backgrounds in law, academia, and the judiciary. The Congress is focused on empowering people with disabilities in society by using, in part, Supported Decision-Making as an alternative to traditional guardianship.

Blanck also will speak with Pereña Vicente about “The will of the protected adult: Opportunities, risks, and safeguards.” Blanck then will join Christopher Schnieders, Associate Director of the Saks Institute at the University of Southern California, to speak about the BBI and Saks Institute partnership activities and leading-edge empirical studies on supports in decision-making for persons with mental illness.

The convener and chair of the international event is Professor Pereña Vicente. She is the Research Project Director of "Empowering people with disabilities" and Professor of law and senior researcher at King Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain. She also serves as an International Programs Senior Fellow for BBI.

For more information on Professor Pereña Vicente, please visit her BBI Bio. Christopher Schnieders is the Associate Director of the Saks Institute at the University of Southern California Law School. For more information on Christopher please visit the SAKS Institute Website.

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