Blanck participated in DISCIT working group in Prague

September 26, 2014

BBI's Peter Blanck participated in DISCIT's working group as a Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) member at Charles University in Prague, Czech Replublic on October 2-3, 2014.

DISCIT European Union study team

Blanck with leaders of DISCIT European Union study team

Workshop participants included DISCIT Consortium Members and Members of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and the European Stakeholder Committee (ESC).

Blanck with DISCIT leaders of European Disability Forum

Blanck with DISCIT leaders of European Disability Forum

Blanck at DISCIT study group session.

Blanck lecturing at DISCIT forum

Among the goals of the working group is to focus on the experiences with the life-course interviews with persons with disabilities and the main findings from the interviews in each of the countries.  Participants reported on the cross-national variation inthe findings from the life-course interviews and will discuss preliminary findings from the cross-national comparisons based on the interview reports as well as ideas for the next steps in the development of the analyses. Having collected data about the perspectives of persons with disabilities, the project will also collect data from a limited number of other informants (policy experts and DPOs). During this session participants will discuss the knowledge gaps and important information that is missing on the external conditions for exercising Active Citizenship (AC).


Program Agenda