BBI Provides Election Access Expertise in Egypt

September 23, 2014

Last week in Cairo, Egypt, BBI’s Janet Lord joined the facilitation team by IFES Egypt and Helwan University to facilitate a three day BRIDGE 'Elections and Disability Rights' Workshop. This workshop brought together Egyptian election stakeholders from the disability community and election administration officials and judges to pilot a new curriculum for election stakeholders on election access for persons with disabilities.  Part of the global curriculum, BRIDGE (Building Resources in Democracy and Governance), BBI is partnering with IFES Egypt and Helwan University in the development of a specific module on the political participation rights of persons with disabilities for the global curriculum.  The project, funded by USAID, will also test the curriculum, in Indonesia in the coming months.

Janet Lord in Egypt   Lord in Egypt

BRIDGE 'Elections and Disability Rights' Workshop Participants.

This work build on BBI's longstanding research on election law, policy and practice both in the United States and internationally.

For BBI's most recent research on election access in the United States, see:

Lisa Schur and Meera Adya, Sidelined or Mainstreamed? Political Participation and Attitudes of People with Disabilities in the United States, Social Science Quarterly, 2012,

For BBI’s contribution to global good practices on election access in law, policy and practice, see:

Janos Fiala, Michael Stein and Janet E. Lord, Democratic Life of the Union: Toward Equal Voting Participation for People with Disabilities, 55 Harv. J. Int’l L. 71 (Winter, 2014).

Janet E. Lord, Janos Fiala, and Michael Stein, Facilitating an Equal Right to Vote For Persons with Disabilities, J. Human Rights Practice (2014).