BBI Board Member Matthew Dietz Argues Against Institutionalization in FL Senate

January 14, 2014

From the Miami Herold.

Too many 'medically fragile' children still in nursing homes, attorney tells Senate committee

In light of a Justice Department lawsuit against Florida over the care of disabled children, a Senate committee gathered experts for a status report on the system on Wednesday.

The federal suit, filed in July, stated that Florida health care agencies acted with “deliberate indifference to the suffering” of frail and disabled children by placing them in nursing homes designed to care for elders.

The lawsuit follows months of reporting on the children’s plight by The Miami Herald.

"Our goal is to ensure that children are not in nursing homes for six months, a year, two years, five years," Matthew Dietz, the lead counsel on the class-action suit joined by the federal government, told the Senate's Children Families and Elder Affairs Committee. 

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