Peter Blanck presents at Disability Policy in Japan and the U.S. - Roundtable Discussion

March 18 & 19, 2013

Disabability Policy in Japan and the United States 2013 Attendees

Disabability Policy in Japan and the United States 2013 Attendees


March 18 & 19th

Loyola Law School

William M. Rains Law Library - Southeast Reading Room
919 Albany Street
Los Angeles, CA  90015


Increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities is a crucial challenge for policymakers and lawyers. Cross-cultural dialogue helps nations evaluate the successes and limitiations of their own policies, as well as learn from each other in developing more comprehensive and effective policies in the future.

"Disability Policy in Japan and the United States," aims to bring together disability scholars, advocates, and policymakers from these countries for a two-day roundtable conference, hosted by Loyola Law School, Los Angeles.  Following this conference, a second, similar conference will take place in Tokyo, Japan at Waseda University. The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership and Loyola Law School have generously provided support for this conference.


Claudia Center, Senior Staff Attorney, Director, Disability Rights Program, Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center Larry Paradis, Executive Director, Disability Rights Advocates Michael Waterstone, Associate Dean for Research and Academic Centers & J. Howard Ziemann Fellow and Professor of Law, Loyola Law School   Peter Blanck, Chairman, Burton Blatt Institute; University Professor, Syracuse University Kathleen Martinez, Assistant Secretary for Disability Employment Policy, United States Department of Labor Katharina Heyer, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Hawaii Jun Nakagawa, Professor, Department of Social Policy, Faculty of Social Welfare, Hokusei Gaukuen University Tamako Hasegawa, Associate Professor, Fukushima University Hiroyo Tokoro, Associate Professor, Niigata Seiryo University University Satoshi Hasegawa, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Sensy u University, Tokyo

Event Agenda

Day 1 

After introductory remarks and participant introductions, Katharina Heyer will provide background remarks on Japanese and American disability law and policy.

The remainder of Day 1 will be devoted to addressing three broad questions, in a group discussion format:

Question 1: What are the biggest policy and/or legal challenges to increasing the employment of people with disabilities in the United States and Japan?

Question 2: What are policy tools and/or legal strategies that have proven effective in your country?

Question 3: What changes do you envision over the next five years that could improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities?

Day 2

On Day 2, the group will reconvene to address the final discussion question.

Question 4: What do you see the role of international law, if any, in addressing employment for people with disabilities?

After the Question 4 session will be a Rapporteur Report summarizing the group's comments on the four questions above. The Report will be developed into a subsequent white paper.