Inclusive Communities


BBI studies the accessibility of communities and services with the goal of identifying effective ways to promote full access to community life for persons with disabilities. Focal areas include universal design, the accessibility of public entities, healthcare, online communities and services, and technology.

In the area of technology, BBI studies standards development, and law and policy of accessible information and communications technology (ICT), in partnership with national and international research organizations, such as the Center for Research on Collaboratories and Technology Enhanced Learning Communities (COTELCO), the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities, NOVA (Norwegian Social Research), and the Centre for Disability Law and Policy at the National University Ireland, Galway. These collaborations seek to advance ICT accessibility by shaping and developing new governing legal standards.

Other Areas Of Community Participation

BBI Experts

Peter Blanck
University Professor/Chairman

William Myhill

Director of Legal Research and Writing

Katherine McDonald
Faculty Fellow
Associate Professor, Falk College