Michael Rotella

Associate Director, Global Universal Design Commission (GUDC)

Email : mbrotell@syr.edu

Michael Rotella is a Syracuse University alumnus, a disability blogger, and founder of a popular local media website. Prior to joining the GUDC, Michael worked with Mark Congel and Granite Development as an accessibility consultant on a major residential project. He provided insight and solutions for access and inclusion for people of all ability levels during this project's development and remains an advisor.

As a person with a mobility disability Michael has firsthand knowledge of the challenges disabled people face in built environments. He hopes to utilize this as a starting point for the GUDC’s future growth. Not only does Michael bring a unique perspective but also an ability to turn that perspective into real world inclusion solutions.

"As both an advocate for rethinking our ideas about access and ability and a primary user of the improvements Universal Design creates, I want to see GUDC standards become the benchmark for proper and fully inclusive design everywhere. That's one of my many goals as associate director."

As interim associate director of GUDC Michael will become a Universal Design certification expert, collaborate with the team to improve current standards, develop residential standards, create increased awareness of the GUDC, and assist in further adoption of GUDC standards in commercial and residential applications.

Curriculum Vita: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)